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Tired of the same old, same old? Now is an opportunity to do something different - you can become the sponsor of a young Russian tennis star!

Russian tennis stars today dominate the world scene. Now is your chance to host and/or sponsor a formidable new talent from the country that is producing them by the boatload.

You can be there, actively involved, as Valeria develops into a world-class tennis player.

Valeria lives in Togliatti, Russia. (If you're thinking this Russian city has an Italian-sounding name, you are right) it was renamed, by the Soviets, from "Stavropol (or Stavropol-by-the-Volga) in honor of a famous Italian communist. While St.Petersburg, Volgograd, Samara and many other places have lost their Soviet-era names, don't worry, Togliatti today is also home for burgeoning capitalists.

While Russia has become democratic, prosperity hasn't necessarily followed. The average salary in Russia is less than $3000 a year. Valeria's family must also scrape by and it is difficult to put together even the small amounts of money necessary for shoes, tennis racquets and equipment, court time, not to mention travel to tournaments and training, etc.

Valeria's parents endowed her with a special genetic heritage: her mother is a champion ping pong player, and her father is a medal-holder in cross-country skiing. They know Valeria has the potential to also become a star, given proper training. Such training necessarily includes the experience gained by playing in world-class tournaments, but more importantly, training with renowned coaches and at proven camps. One of Valeria's competitors from the nearby city of Samara recently spent a season in a tennis camp in Florida, and on her return was able to triumph in the city tournament. Valeria was runner-up. Native talent and ability is important, but training is the icing on the cake, what separates the good players from the champions.

If you wish to know more about this, please e-mail or call for details. There is not much required. Valeria, her coach and family gladly accept any and all offers of help and assistance for their young prodigy. In exchange, you will have a front-row seat in the exciting world of Russian tennis.

If you are interested in sponsoring Valeria, to provide help for hosting or arranging transportation to domestic Russian or international tournaments, or in providing assistance for professional training, please contact us, via telephone or e-mail.

You might be interested in coming to Togliatti to meet with Valeria and her parents, to see her train and participate in competitions. Or even just to come for your own "fact-finding mission." There is no obligation for visitors. Valeria and her family and most other Russians are always happy to greet and meet with foreigners, it is a rare occasion for them to meet visitors. If you decide to come, we will be glad to arrange an invitation for the visa, and provide registration once you arrive, so you will have no problems with accomodations. We will provide support from the moment you arrive, including arrangements for staying at an inexpensive or deluxe hotel, or private apartment, transportation from the airport and around the city, and everything else needed to insure a glitchless and wonderful experience for your visit.


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